Lens Artists #82 – Capitals

This week we are asked to provide photos that represent a capital. I’m going to start with the capital of the United States during colonial times which is Williamsburg, Virginia. This town is rich in the history of our country and has beautiful old buildings that have been restored.

We also had the opportunity a few years ago for a quick stop in San Juan and saw both old and less old structures

Lastly, my daughter, granddaughter and I spent a few days in Nashville, Tennessee which is not only the capital of the state but also considered the music capital of the world. Where else could I hang out with a wax figure of Kid Rock?

If you’d like to join in – visit for this week’s host.

8 thoughts on “Lens Artists #82 – Capitals

  1. Thank you so much for your entry … I have learned so much about the capital cities in the US and Canada. Nashville is supposed to be a fantastic city … a girlfriend of mine visited in 2018 and she loved it. Never heard about Rock Kid … but you look very cool together. *smile

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