Lens-Artists #78 – Special Spot Shots

We are lucky to have had 2 opportunities to go to Rincon, Puerto Rico in 2013 and 2016. I say lucky because with all the damage from the hurricane and earthquake I don’t know if we will ever get to go back. It is a beautiful place that I would describe as “beauty in the midst of poverty”. Here are some photos from our 2016 trip.

This was the view from the home we rented. The ride down from this small mountain was very treacherous with it’s one lane road, roller coaster type ride and an abundance of curves in the road.

The stray dog population seemed to have gotten better between 2013 and 2016. These dogs clearly had owners taking care of them.

We went there because the surf is great in February/March and my husband, daughter and son-in-law are avid surfers

The beaches and surroundings are beautiful

Route 413 in Rincon is truly a road to happiness


Lens Artist Challenge #77 Favorite Photos of 2019

I went through each month and tried to pick a fave. Some may have been posted previously and others have not. I hope you enjoy!

January 2019 – Mallard

February – Kingfisher – this was my first halfway decent photos of one of these birds

March – Beach Stairs

April – Bluebird – This is the first year we had a lot of these birds around

May – My little artist

June – My little dancer

July – Dad’s music

August – Tiny snail – these snails were no larger than a fingernail

September – My hubby and grandson at my favorite place – the beach

October – In the mountains

November – Sea Oats

December – Fogbow – this was the first time we had ever seen this phenomenon. It was pretty awesome!!

Happy New Year everyone!


Happy New Year Everyone

I hope everyone and had a safe and wonderful NY Eve celebration ringing in the new decade. We are very low key with our celebration – dinner and a movie and try to stay awake to watch the ball drop. Now that I finished my 365 project – I’d like to reflect. ( I previously completed a 365 in 2012 and from that one I learned that I loved macro photography. In 2012 I did not do much editing or posting of the photos.) So this time I learned that I still love macro but editing and posting take a LOT of time and was part of what kept me going. I also learned that I could always find something to photograph if I looked around (nature helped a lot). I know that a lot of the photos were not a good as I would like but I learned to live with it and move on. I truly appreciate everyone’s views, likes and comments which was key to motivation as well. I will certainly continue with posting photos because it’s fun to share and also I love seeing your worlds as well. Happy New Year everyone !! Wishing you the best – Nora