Happy New Year Everyone

I hope everyone and had a safe and wonderful NY Eve celebration ringing in the new decade. We are very low key with our celebration – dinner and a movie and try to stay awake to watch the ball drop. Now that I finished my 365 project – I’d like to reflect. ( I previously completed a 365 in 2012 and from that one I learned that I loved macro photography. In 2012 I did not do much editing or posting of the photos.) So this time I learned that I still love macro but editing and posting take a LOT of time and was part of what kept me going. I also learned that I could always find something to photograph if I looked around (nature helped a lot). I know that a lot of the photos were not a good as I would like but I learned to live with it and move on. I truly appreciate everyone’s views, likes and comments which was key to motivation as well. I will certainly continue with posting photos because it’s fun to share and also I love seeing your worlds as well. Happy New Year everyone !! Wishing you the best – Nora

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