Project 365 Photos December 11-13

This is a homemade ornament using shredded wheat and glue. It’s very old and precious since it was painted by my mom taken Dec 11

Snowmantaken Dec 12

Christmas Bokeh – taken Dec 13


Project 365 December 7-10

Here are a few more photos with the Christmas season in mind

How do you like my Santa sweater? Taken Dec 7

Morning Coffee – taken Dec 8

Animal loving Santataken Dec 9

Willow Angel – taken Dec 10


Wrapping Up November

Another month down for my 365 project – ONE more to go. Thank you everyone for all your views, comments, and likes. Some days it’s easy to get the photo in and others not so much. I appreciate all your support! These were taken 11-29-2019 and 11-30-2019.

Pine cone stuck in the fence

Surf’s up